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Let's get you onboarded to HubSpot Marketing Pro!

Kickoff Call - [Live] Tour of your portal

Foundations - Guided technical implementation

Deep Dive - Expert training on your marketing toolbox

Conclusion Call - [Live] Q&A Session

From setup to execution, we cover everything you need to get your campaigns running with HubSpot. The right way. 

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Onboarding 101

A clear and intuitive framework to get you started with HubSpot, we start from the foundations and build up. 

Data structure

Understand how HubSpot receives and stores your data so you can easily access, collect, and optimize. 

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Strategy and automation best practices for lifecycle stages to shorten sales cycle and increase qualified lead gen.  

Marketing Toolbox

Complete with training, examples, and use cases, explore marketeers' top tools used for marketing.

Naming Conventions

Keep your new portal neat and easily accessible with naming conventions. Learn how to create your own.


Data is key to improving your process. Learn how to structure your data into reports and dashboards.

Get More for Less

Instead of onboarding with HubSpot for $3,000, you can now onboard with us and save $2,325!* and receive more guidance and training!

  • $675 Full Marketing Pro Onboarding
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Access the Marketing Hub Professional Self Onboarding!

Real Results. Happy Clients. 

"ScaleOps operates as an extension of our marketing organization and are practically part of the team. ScaleOps brings deep expertise of HubSpot and has helped onboarding new members of the team, creating landing pages, executing emails, and optimize campaigns. Equally important, the ScaleOps team is great to work with and always engaged."

Dani Guzman | Information Technology Services | 201 to 1,000 employees


Which companies/people is the course best fit for?
This course is ideal for small companies who would like to onboard to HubSpot at a value rate with top-level training. 
How much does the course cost? 
A one-time payment of $675

Can it be used to train new team members?
The course is a great resource for training as it includes - instructions to guide you through setting up HubSpot's technical backend, explains the data structure in HubSpot (contacts, companies, objects/records, properties, etc.), and includes a how-to on all tools relevant to Marketing. The course materials are actually curated from our work training dozens of marketing teams, including their most common questions. 

Is it a self-paced course?
Yes, exactly! You are entirely in control of the pace at which you complete the sessions. You can pause a video, skip one, go back and re-watch and even speed up or slow down the videos. 

How long does the course take to complete?
It's totally up to you. Ideally, when going through the training, there are different 'assignments' we advise you to try out for yourself. So while the course is about 3 hours, the average it takes to complete is around 2 to 3 weeks. But you can also zip through it in a week and go back to the relevant sections when needed.

How long do we have access once purchasing?
You have access for 6 months. 
Got any more questions? Don't hesitate to reach out at

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