Create a Custom Object in HubSpot - Here's How👇

When to implement Custom Objects?

Not every company fits the classic data boxes (contacts, companies, deals, etc.) If you're running a process unique to your company e.g. staffing, logistics, partnerships, projects, etc. - it's definitely right to use custom objects!

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How to implement it the right way?

Strategy and planning: While HubSpot's UI makes it simple to create your own custom objects (check out the demo if you don't believe me), making sure it seamlessly integrates into your current processes is key. 

Make sure you know how it connects to your current processes, understand the data you want to collect in the object, and enable your teams to master the data.

It takes time to get it right, but instead of juggling spreadsheets alongside HubSpot because the data is just too complex to enter - create a space for it in your CRM 📊

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