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Short-staffed, overworked, and distracted? It’s time to minimize the workload, reduce errors and increase sales and marketing efficiency with automation. This webinar will take you through the strategy behind automation with actionable steps to turning repetitive manual tasks into systematic processes. We’ll dive into why Make, a no-code automation tool, is our software of choice to leverage your CRM and work without limits. We cover:

  • Automating your funnel - build the infrastructure for lead conversion at every stage.
  • Where to automate - strategize and implement essential workflows to save hours
  • Live Demo - see Make in action, using AI to reduce the need for hands-on support

Access now to see how you can use Make automation to streamline your processes and boost your Marketing & Sales productivity.

Meet our Speakers

Daniel Zrust

Daniel Zrust

Solutions Architect @ Make

Automation expert and consultant, automating complex internal workflows, solving integration challenges every day

Nelly Nechaev

Nelly Nechaev

COO @ ScaleOps

10+ years in RevOps and management, leveraging automation and implementing RevOps for 50+ B2B SaaS clients.

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