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B2B Marketing & Sales : Automate 30% of Your Revenue Funnel

So, you're interested in automating?

Incorporate it into your RevOps flywheel

In our webinar, we discussed the Revenue Operations methodology we use with our clients to improve the entire customer journey: from marketing, to sales, and through to customer success, creating a flywheel effect that drives more new business.

How can automation tools be utilized throughout this flywheel? We covered tools to use at each stage and asked you to share your top recommendations. 

HubSpot ScaleOps

Now, about HubSpot Workflows

Why perform manual tasks again and again when HubSpot automation can do it for you?

We take you through the full funnel and show you our top-proven automation at each stage to nurture, qualify, and convert your leads. Including how to use Make to supercharge your automation, a tool that leverages HubSpot and works around workflow limitations.

We know how systems take time to set up until you start seeing the results. That's why we're all about quick wins. We bring you the low-effort, high-impact workflows that will transform your CRM.

Here are some of the automation tips we mentioned:

  • Map your strategy: Define the problem & strategize a process to solve it. Make sure you document your strategy plan to find gaps.

  • Manual before automation: Test the process before automating it! Make sure it works to solve your goal.

  • Simple before sophistication: Keep it simple, see how it works, make sure it's going well, and then add additional features and branches. 

  • Seperate your workflows: Instead of one monster workflow, separate them. You'll be able to troubleshoot much more easily if there's an issue.

  • Keep organized: Add all related workflows to one folder, use naming conventions and don't forget workflow descriptions!

  • Choose a champion: Their role is to update your automation along with any changes in the process, manage documentation, and troubleshoot.

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