How to Create a Winning Quote-to-Cash Process  

From strategy to implementation, how to align your process, systems, and data. 

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Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) is the final and critical stage in your Lead-to-Cash flow spanning from when the offer is made to a prospect to when revenue is collected, allocated, and recorded. With so many tools, stakeholders, and data involved, how can you ensure your process is built and managed so that your revenue is accounted for?

Join Nelly Nechaev, Chief Operating Officer of ScaleOps, as she shares best practices gained from experience designing and implementing this process for dozens of enterprise clients. This webinar includes:

  • The systems involved in the process - i.e. CRM, project management, ERP, SDR tools, contracting, CPQ, integration tool (Make)
  • Navigating the stakeholders - including Sales, Finance, Operations, and Logistics.
  • Model workflow - an example of a process design with the implementation challenges.

Nelly Nechaev


COO @ ScaleOps


Penina Shtauber


Marketing Director at ScaleOps

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Bonus: Learn how Make can help you integrate your software!



What if I sign up and can't make the event?

No worries! We understand things come up. If you're interested in the content, we recommend you sign up, and we'll send you the recording of this virtual session so you can watch it when you have the time. 

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